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Mathieu Nab

Rugged but still sensual. It is what I love about Dutch sculptor Mathieu Nab's work. I first met him at an art gallery exhibiting his ‘Circulo'. We struck up a conversation and I bought his work there and then. Over the years, I have used his sculptures in interior projects.

Paris Designers

I have a great passion for Parisian designers. It all started with Andrée Putman and Philippe Starck and later I discovered Christian Liaigre and Gilles & Boissier. When I walked into ‘Café Costes’ back in 1984 I was an art student, and it was electric.... So, this is also possible! Three years later I designed the ‘Pallone'. The work of French designers fully integrates design, art and styling. Modern and classic, today and the past, they seem to go hand in hand. A rich pallet.


So inspiring! New York designers Roman & Williams. Cinematic, traditional areas which feel completely comfortable and give you the sense that nothing has ever changed. Please check their beautiful shop (rwguild.com) and gallery (rwguildgalleryny.com).

Tropical Modernity

Tropical Modernity... Dutch colonial architecture. Perhaps a somewhat controversial topic, but I am a big fan of this design era. The first half of the 20th century saw fabulous projects by Dutch architects. Sound lay outs, beautiful flow between interior and exterior, un-Dutch proportions and the use of unusual materials. Back then, most architects only ever saw their work in photographs as they had never set foot on the Dutch East Indies. There is a revival among Indonesian architecture students. My family once lived in this type of house.

Majorcan Light

Once in a while, it is time to unwind. Some time to collect your thoughts. A different environment with other light and other air to breathe. I enjoy going to Mallorca. It is easy to travel to, its rolling mountains, sweeping valleys, authentic cuisine, old villages, space... The Mediterranean lifestyle all rolled into one. Complete and abundant. No, not the well-known beach resorts, it goes without saying I am speaking of the island's interior.


Guatemala, Brazil, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Belize, Morocco, Turkey, South-Africa, the USA, the UK, Europe, name it! The possibility to travel and experience why people live the way they do in their own specific surroundings is a fantastic inspiration.


Soft shades of grey on the wall. The possibilities are endless. It always seems to work. The additional colours seem to be more stylish, shining surfaces are enhanced, artificial lighting becomes more intimate, and it is flattering to skin tone. Check out the old Hollywood movies. It forms a classy backdrop.