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Interior designer
A house on the Kagerplassen
This historical house is situated on a gorgeous location right on the water and it has its own dock. The Kaag Lakes are a sailor’s and nature lover’s paradise. Living here is a dream come true for many.
Return to the building what it has lost over the years
The oldest part of the building dates as far back as the 17th century. Several rounds of renovations in the following centuries added a number of elements to the building. The new owners will keep up with this tradition. However, the original character has completely disappeared, and it is our aim to do what we can to bring it back. Returning to the house what was lost over the years is our biggest challenge in this project.

A snug conversation pit

The open fire with the conversation pit makes for a snug area

A gorgeous dock is another attractive feature

To have a private dock is the dream of many a boat owner.

The walkway in the open kitchen is a real eye-catcher

The walkway creates a direct connection is with the first floor and the open kitchen.

De KeukenDe keuken mét wijnkelder

The kitchen with wine cellar under the mezzanine. The modern and rustic kitchen adds contrast to the original house. The wine cellar is situated under the mezzanine.

New England style veranda.

The newly built veranda adds an American feel to the house and enhances the garden feel.

Master bathroom

The master bathroom oozes warmth and relaxation with its customised walnut furniture.
The client’s wish
This is going to be our new family home on the water. We would like to return it to its former glory and give it back its lost character. This requires a thorough renovation.
The new veranda allows the residents to make use of the outdoor space for many months of the year. This characteristic American white woodwork veranda is surrounded by balustrades and gives the house a nostalgic touch.
Han Nooijen