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Interior designer
Skins Cosmetics Johannesburg 2
With the overwhelming success of our Skins stores in South-Africa, we are looking for a new flagship store. The stores in Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban are highly successful but our first store in Johannesburg, our economic and financial heart, should still be our prime inspiration. A bigger and newer location will give us the opportunity to represent the Skins philosophy even better.
Roy’s vision
The bigger location will offer more room for the large assortment. By creating areas for people to hang out, give presentations and to entertain, we will be able to make an even better connection with the client. Think of for instance, giving workshops, demos, make-up touch ups, VIP presentations or launching new products.

VIP area

The VIP area is used to give private presentations and to organise meetings.

Workshop area

Staff can organise workshops for groups of up to 10 participants.

Champaign bar

The champaign bar, annex coffee bar is located behind the VIP area.

Make-up area

Everyone is welcome to walk in for a facial make-up touch-up.

Central counter

The central counter offers a clear overview of the entire store.
New Flagschip store
Boasting a floor area of 350 m2, Skins Cosmetics Johannesburg 2 will be the largest Skins store worldwide.