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Interior designer
Villa on Lago Maggiore
The villa dates from the 17th century. It was used as a summer residence by the owners of the castle of Locarno located on the mountain. This is also where the fresh water supply came from. The main building is located on the side of the walled courtyard and its two wings are shaped in a U-form. The house had a covered open foyer with a large fireplace. The layout was completely reconfigured to adjust it to modern times. The open foyer was closed off using glass, enclosed in sleek dark framing. The former salon above the open hall was turned into the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The right wing was transformed into a workspace and a spacious kitchen while the left wing was turned into guest rooms with an informal living room annex studio upstairs. Additional windows were installed on strategic locations in order to improve quality even further as they offer extra light and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Formal living room

The original open gallery was closed off with sleek steel framing and transformed into a formal reception area. The principle of the project was to preserve the original structure. This was executed with local builders who were expert in the traditional building techniques and materials of the

Sleek steel frames

The insulated glass windows are made to measure and enclosed by sleek steel framing. When selecting the materials and colours which were added to the original structure, natural, original and unpretentious options were chosen for.


The new steps are located in such a way that the terrace is now facing the lake. By staining the woodwork and shutters on the exterior of the building a deep dark colour, a strong and striking contrast with the original cream coloured plaster is created.

Intarsia floor

The partially original intarsia wooden floors were carefully restored and reused where possible.


A team of Dutch skilled professionals were brought in during the production of all the customised furniture, because they had extensive knowledge of the applied materials and details and were used to the high standards of the build.

Connecting to the surroundings

The view from the bathroom over Lago Maggiore.
The client’s wish
The couple decided to return to their roots after their international careers. They found a large villa on Lago Maggiore in Ticino and created their own personal piece of paradise here.
Peter Baas